Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Day 2: My food diary

5:30 am.
Coffee with Hildebrand Dairy heavy cream. 1.5 cups 20 oz. each.
10:00 am.
The other half of the filbert/hazel nuts and 20 oz. bottle of Perrier Citron mineral water.
6 ounces German rope sausage made at the local meat market. It is an old family recipe of the owner. Sauerkraut 1/2 cup, Eden Organic.

7:00pm Meatza and more Perrier Citron mineral water.
Meatza in a skillet:
Ground beef
Ground pork
Italian seasoning
Fennel seed
Salt and pepper to taste
Mixed Italian cheeses.
Cook crumbled beef and pork in a skillet until light brown add onion, mushrooms , Italian seasoning and fennel seed. Continue to cook until onion is translucent. Add pepperoni and cook until hot. Top with cheese mixture, cover and let the cheese melt. Ready to serve. Amounts are variable to how many servings you need and your taste.

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