Thursday, December 15, 2011

Paraphrased quote from Genesis 2:17

While listening to the "Latest in Paleo" podcast by Angelo Coppola he quoted the excerpt below. I thought it was a good quote to think about and share with those who have a problem reconciling biblical teaching with evolution.

Ray Audette of NEANDERTHIN paraphrased Genesis 2:17 from the original Hebrew as: “Do not eat the fruit of the technology that makes edible the inedible, for when you eat it you will surely die.” Knowledge = technology, edible/inedible being synonymous with good/evil. Grains are quite literally the first “processed food” — i.e., requiring processing to become edible.
“The story of Joseph as vizier of Egypt under an unnamed Pharaoh, found in the book of Genesis in the Bible, symbolically illustrates this well, since he ‘invents’ the storage of grain for lean times. In the next book (Exodus), we find his people, the Israelites, working as slaves in Egypt, building their great border cities Pithom and Rameses.”
Considering their demonstrable deleterious effects on our health even prior to the previous century, I consider them unfit for human consumption unless starvation is quite literally your only alternative. All of their “positive” qualities have nothing to do with their healthfulness, but everything to do with their storability, fungibility, and profitability to tyrants from Mesopotamia to Monsanto: every reason possible, both moral and practical, I advocate truly sustainable and scalable permaculture over unsustainable agriculture as we know it.

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