Thursday, December 11, 2008

Quest for exercise

I am getting to the point that I feel ready to start an exercise program so I am going to start the following routine this week. I didn't know what AIS is so had to go to You Tube to find examples. There are many there.

Quote: Ben Fury
"If you have just 10-15 minutes you can do a pretty serious workout at home. Do 5 minutes of AIS stretching to get the blood pumping. Another 5 minutes of sprint walking if the AIS didn't get your body temp up enough. Then do 5 minutes of flat out bodyweight exercises:
Pushups, free squats, burpees, thrusters, chair dips, pull ups, chin ups, etc. Blast out ten reps of an exercise then take a three breath rest.
Switch exercises, ten reps, three breaths, switch exercises... 5 minutes of honest intensity like this and you're done!"

suggested Active Isolated Stretching

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